15 Must-Do’s For Candidates During a Job Interview

Must-Do's During a Job Interview

The impression you make during a job interview is often more important than your education, experience and ability. Your attitude, social skills and communication style affect the impression you leave. Preparation is key! The following is information and tips regarding what you must do during a job interview. You:

  • Must dress appropriately, matching your apparel to the dress code of the company interviewing. Err on the side of being more professional than required. Dress affects how those evaluating you perceive your level of confidence, success, and financial status. 75% of hiring managers believe the top interview mistake millennials make is wearing inappropriate attire. Avoid distracting prints, overly bright colours, and noisy jewelry. You want the focus to be on you, not on what you’re wearing. 
  • Must provide a copy of your resume: Make sure to bring extra resumes to the interview just in case the company needs another copy. If you have a portfolio, bring that as well. Use it to showcase some of your previous work and achievements.
  • Must pay attention to the first five minutes: Research indicates that interviewers make their decision in the first five minutes of a meeting and use the rest of the interview to confirm their choice. Take advantage of this by coming in with energy, enthusiasm and appreciation. Begin with a positive comment about the company. 
  • Must check your demeanour: Sit up straight, leaning slightly forward. Look directly at the interviewer. Smile and show your personality.
  • Must make your selling points clear: Don’t bury them in long, involved stories. Make your selling point, then give your example.
  • Must give specific examples: To help a hiring manager understand your experience, be specific about your skills and your ability to handle tasks.
  • Must keep answers short and on the topic: Focused answers will help maintain the interviewer’s attention and interest. Make your answers concise, getting to the point quickly and effectively.
  • Must answer with enthusiasm: Speak passionately to show your interest. Fluctuate your voice tone. Smile at appropriate junctures. Highlight simple emotions to keep the viewers interested and listening. Talk with your hands.
  • Must be respectful: To leave a lasting impression, follow the interviewer’s lead. If they wish to get right down to business, do so. If they want to do a bit of small talk, comply. Answer all questions as though they matter deeply. Use respectful and appropriate language. Be polite.
  • Must listen carefully: Be sure you understand the question(s). If not, ask for clarification and/or restate it in your own words. Answer completely and concisely. Stick to the subject at hand.
  • Must focus on your attributes, your transferable skills, and your willingness to learn.
  • Must tell the truth: Lies and exaggeration will come back to haunt you.
  • Must ask the interviewer questions: Come with 2 or 3 questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the company and your interest. Pay attention during the interview so that you can come up with one or two more questions. 
  • Must wait for the interviewer to mention salary and benefits, even if you have done your research and have a number in mind. 
  • Must close on a positive note: Ask what the next step will be. Thank the interviewer for his/her time and express your interest in the job. Leave quickly and courteously with a handshake and a smile.

Successful interviews don’t just happen! They take preparation, confidence and attention to detail during the meeting. A good interview is more likely to lead to a job offer. If you don’t get the job, it’s still useful to keep an open connection with the interviewer. A similar position could become available in the future or the employer might be able to provide a reference for a job at a different company. 


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