Tips and Tricks to Get Found by Headhunters

Tips and Tricks to Get Found by Headhunters - Equation Staffing Solutions - Featured Image

A headhunter is a specialized recruiter who identifies and approaches suitable candidates in order to fill high-level business positions. It’s a headhunter’s job to find premium candidates for executive roles that are often not advertised or promoted through standard recruitment channels. Headhunters frequently approach people that are already employed, persuading these strong industry players to […]

Direct Hiring through an Agency

Direct Hiring through an Agency - Equation Staffing Solutions - Featured Image

A staffing agency (also known as a search, recruit or employment agency) matches employers and employees. It connects job seekers with employers and employers with candidates. Job seekers receive the benefit of a large pool of possible jobs while the employer is provided with a pool of pre-screened, pre-interviewed job seekers who are ready to […]

Strategies to Find a Job in a New City

Job in a New City

Do you desire fresh opportunities for personal and professional growth that require you to relocate to a new city? Do family commitments make it essential that you move to a new location? Job hunting in an unfamiliar metropolis can be a challenge. Should you relocate and then find a job, relying on savings as you […]

20 Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making

Interview Mistakes

You’ve made it past the resume selection process and set an appointment for an interview. This meeting will be your chance to make a first impression on what might be your future employer. You’ll want to appear confident and elaborate on your skills, experience and qualifications. It’s also important to avoid blunders that can decrease […]

12 Ways to Update Your Resume

12 Ways to Update Your Resume - Equation Staffing Solutions - Staffing Agency

Updating your resume is a crucial step in the process of job-hunting. This task need not be daunting and/or time-consuming. A few small changes can have a big impact.  Why is it important to update your resume? An updated resume provides information regarding your latest work assignments, current levels of experience/skills and recently acquired qualifications. […]

How to Write a Foolproof Cover Letter

Write a Cover Letter

Job seekers often treat a cover letter as an afterthought to submitting their resume. Some don’t bother to write one at all! A cover letter is your introduction to a prospective employer, an opportunity to make a good first impression. It’s a way to show that you’d be a great hire, a means to showcase […]

The Best Questions to Ask An Interviewer

Questions to Ask An Interviewer

A job interview is a two-way street. The potential employer is assessing you, deciding whether you’re right for the position. You’re deciding whether the position and organization are a good fit for you. This makes it vital that you prepare a list of questions to ask the hiring manager. What do you want to know […]

15 Must-Do’s For Candidates During a Job Interview

Must-Do's During a Job Interview

The impression you make during a job interview is often more important than your education, experience and ability. Your attitude, social skills and communication style affect the impression you leave. Preparation is key! The following is information and tips regarding what you must do during a job interview. You: Must dress appropriately, matching your apparel […]

Improve Your Job Search Skills to Get the Job You Want

Job Search Skills

Hunting for a job can be difficult! There is a resume to create, job postings to sift through, interviews to prepare for, networking to undertake and a variety of expectations in different sectors and from different employers. The process can be complicated and stressful. So how can you find and land your dream job? The […]

Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the Workplace

Even when you love your job, work is stressful. There are deadlines to meet, challenging obligations, excessive workloads, conflicting demands and difficult coworkers. Pressure at work is a fact of life. Left unchecked, stress causes everything from a cold or flu to heart disease and metabolic syndrome. It’s important to find effective strategies and techniques […]