10 Tips to Market Yourself For A Job

Market Yourself For A Job

One of the main goals when crafting a resume is to capture the attention of hiring managers and set yourself apart from the competition. You want to advertise your skills while explaining to a company how they’ll benefit if they invest in you. How do you do this without sounding boastful? How do you effectively explain your work to prospective employers? Can your passion and dedication shine through your resume? The following are some tips on ways to market yourself for a job.

  • Create an elevator pitch: An elevator pitch is a concise statement (approximately 30 seconds long) of who you are, your career goals and what you provide a company. It’s meant to identify and explain your strengths. Use this pitch at networking events and interviews to grab the attention of potential employers. Always end your pitch with a call to action. 
  • Build your brand: Create a personal brand for your job search, marketing yourself in a professional manner. This is an extension of your elevator pitch, providing more information about who you are professionally, what you offer a company and why they should hire you. Your brand may include a website with a portfolio containing a professional photograph, a logo and a personal branding statement. Build a full profile with your professional information, relevant industry news and a showcase of your work.
  • Choose distribution methods: Utilize job posting sites, social media networks, headhunters, recruiters and employment agencies to assist you in your job search. Ask coworkers for recommendations and consult with career centers and alumni offices. 
  • Build your network: A strong network is an essential element of a successful job search. Assist others in your network. Helping others makes it likely they will help you when you are in need. Locate events catering to the industry you’re interested in. Develop a list of companies that appeal to you and determine what events they may attend.
  • Invest in your skills: Continue to learn about your profession. Take classes. Accumulate certifications. Employers value individuals who are eager to learn more about their field.
  • Explain how your skills/abilities/experience benefit a company: Many qualified candidates possess the same skills as you. To set yourself apart, explain how you’ll use your skills, abilities and experience to benefit the company. Describe how you’ll help them improve and succeed. Use concrete examples.
  • Do your research: Employers note candidates that learn about their company and its products. Research the company. View their website, social media pages and reviews. Determine what the company is passionate about, and what their goals are. Refer to these in your interview, explaining why you’re interested in their company.
  • Become an industry expert: Being knowledgeable about the industry shows your commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Be confident: Act and dress to show your strength and confidence. Present yourself professionally. 
  • Volunteer: Volunteering your services keeps your portfolio current, demonstrates your skills and shows potential employers that you are active and engaged. It gives interviewers a fuller picture of who you are. 

In order for potential employers to know about your accomplishments, achievements and strengths, you need to market yourself during a job search. Craft careful statements about your abilities. Build and utilize your network. Do your research. Invest in your skills and volunteer in the community. Humbly advertise yourself to assist in achieving your job search and career! 

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