Tips to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

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Are you tired of your position, looking for a new challenge or unemployed? Are you yearning for advancement or looking to relocate to a new city? Capturing the attention of a recruiter may be your ticket to a new and exciting livelihood. But how do you garner the consideration of a recruiter?


What is a recruiter?

A recruiter is a professional responsible for finding qualified candidates for the business(es) for which they are employed. They stay on top of job trends, industry outlooks and what qualities/skills companies are on the lookout for when hiring new employees. They source and reach out to talent, ensuring they’re a good fit. Recruiters prescreen (reference and background checks) and present qualified contenders to the hiring manager. They may also help candidates hone their résumés, prepare for interviews and negotiate. Recruiters handle the job offer procedure, are involved in the onboarding process and follow up after the candidate is hired, ensuring all is going well. 


Tips for garnering the attention of a recruiter:

If you’re ready for a change and are interested in capturing the attention of a recruiter, there are some specific actions you can take to be noticed by these specialized professionals. 

  • Be visible: Make profiles that reflect the job titles and industries that you’re interested in as well as your preferred company size. Post these on job boards. Create a personal website showcasing your experience and value. Promote your personal brand, detail your skills and industry experience and provide a method of contact for a potential employer. Write an industry-specific article about a current event happening in your industry. Go to forums, take lunchtime seminars, attend conferences in your industry and talk to recruitment consultants. Ensure that your name, title and organization are on the attendance lists of these events. Search for relevant organizations and browse their websites for membership options.
  • Leverage LinkedIn: Create a profile. Optimize your profile with keywords found in job descriptions in your desired field. Use the summary section to showcase your achievements and professional goals. Talk about your experience, motivations, interests and skills. Upload a professional photo that best represents you. Make sure it’s well-cropped and high-resolution. Add your location and include your educational background. Specify your industry. List your current position, including your current title, company and start date. List your skills and showcase your talents. If you’ve been with an organization for a long time, bring focus to your tenure. 
  • Give out your card: When attending functions, freely and frequently swap cards. You never know who may access your information. 
  • Constantly develop: Most recruiters target well-rounded candidates, people who contribute to their industry. Endeavour to publish, speak at conferences, volunteer and/or blog. 
  • Manage your professional persona on social networking sites. Keep your profiles open, clean and interesting. Regularly do a vanity search to keep an eye on what is “out there” attached to your name.
  • Continue working: A working professional is the most attractive target for a recruiter. 
  • Practice patience: Be persistent and take initiative. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated, share posts and build long-term relationships with network members. Attracting recruiters is a process that takes time.
  • Seek out recruiters who may be able to help you. Check LinkedIn for companies with internal recruiters, talent acquisition consultants and/or hiring specialists. Consider external agencies and firms that work with a variety of companies. Introduce yourself, share your experiences and make your intentions known. Consider offering a get-to-know-you phone call or a coffee meet-up. The more personal you make it, the more likely they’ll remember you when the right job comes along.


With effort and persistence, you can capture the attention of a recruiter. When a recruiter asks for a meeting, say yes. Even if you’re not sure if you’re interested in the position, spend time with them. Gather information. Ask questions. Do your own due diligence on the role and the company, separate from what the recruiter provides. An exciting new position may be on your horizon!

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