Earth Day Every Day: Sustainable Practices in the Workplace

Employees talking in an eco friendly workplace

First held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is an annual, global festival demonstrating support for, creating awareness of, and honoring achievements toward environmental protection. Earth Day is the perfect time to integrate more eco-friendly practices in your business, contributing to a greener planet. The following are ways to encourage and develop an eco-friendly workplace every day

Ways to Encourage an Eco-Friendly Workplace 

There are a variety of ways to encourage an eco-friendly workplace.

  • Create a culture of green thinking: Get employees involved in creating a company-wide environmental vision, mission statement, and specific goals. Actively work toward achieving your vision. 
  • Set up a recycling program: Encourage an eco-friendly workplace by starting/expanding a recycling program. Provide clear signage to help employees put items in the correct containers. Consider assigning a captain to ensure waste is sorted properly. Donate old computers and other electronics to local organizations. 
  • Conserve energy: Switch off electronics, turn off lights, and lower heat/air conditioning during off-hours. Consider installing motion sensor lights. 
  • Go paperless: Utilize cloud and digital solutions to reduce paper and ink, save time and money, and help the environment.
  • Purchase from eco-friendly vendors: Choose to purchase materials from companies that are environmentally conscious and have sustainability programs. 
  • Reuse: Encourage employees to purchase reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. 
  • Buy plants: Live plants boost oxygen levels, remove pollutants, and improve productivity. Place them around the workspace. 
  • Encourage sustainable transportation: Support walking, busing, and/or carpooling. Offer transit subsidies and allow remote or hybrid work. 
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products: Reduce dangerous indoor pollutants by requesting your commercial cleaner use green cleaning products.
  • Keep your team happy by creating a safe, non-toxic environment. Provide sustainable and nutritious food options (healthy snacks such as organic fruits and vegetables), reusable articles (mugs, water bottles, cutlery, etc.), and use non-toxic cleaning products. 

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Workplace

An eco-friendly workplace is not just good for the environment but also great for your company. An eco-friendly workplace helps you:

  • Reduce costs: More energy use equals a higher utility bill. Less energy use reduces costs. 
  • Increase production: Sustainable work practices create a friendly, productive workplace. 
  • Promote employee loyalty/retention: An eco-friendly workplace promotes engagement and loyalty from employees. It assists in creating a community, thus increasing retention.
  • Future proof your business: Sustainable practices (responsible energy use, inventory management, etc.) help buffer a business against future costs, allowing you to choose strategies that will succeed in a low-carbon economy.
  • Cut waste: Waste is costly. Reducing waste saves money on material, transportation, and disposal fees.
  • Boost company image: Eco-friendly practices (conserving water, reducing energy use, lowering waste, etc.)  improve a company’s image, creating positive public relations.
  • Sell your product/service: Consumers desire a sustainable future and consider environmental impact when purchasing. Promoting sustainability in your company encourages customers and promotes the purchase of your product/service above a competitor’s. 

Actively working towards environmental consciousness in the workplace benefits your company and your employees. It reduces costs, boosts your company image, improves productivity, cuts waste, and helps sell your product/service. Encourage eco-friendly practices in the workplace to promote a healthy, happy, satisfied staff.

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