How to Get a Job Without Experience?

A woman is meeting an employer to discuss her unique skills, values, desires, and training to land a job without experience.

If you wish to change your position, you’re at the beginning of your career, or you’re transferring to a new industry, it may seem that your lack of experience will keep you from getting a good job. With the right strategies, it’s possible to show prospective employers that you’re a great candidate despite little direct experience. The following is some information on how to get a job without experience.

Highlight Your Transferable Skills

Explain your potential to succeed to those who are hiring. Highlight transferable skills such as good written/spoken communication, ability to resolve conflicts/complaints, research/computer skills, budgeting, relationship building, team management, friendliness, etc. 

Draw Attention To The Qualifications And Skills You Have

Let prospective employees know about courses you’ve taken, jobs you have had, and hobbies you’ve learned from. 

Emphasize Your Soft Skills 

Research the position to determine the soft skills required (communication, organization, problem-solving, attention to detail, time management, creativity, adaptability, teamwork, leadership skills, etc.). Call attention to the soft skills you already have to help you get a job without experience.  

Be Willing To Take A Step Down and/or Sideways

To get a job without experience, it may be necessary to take a pay cut and/or move down the ladder. Be willing to start in a position that matches your experience with the intention of learning, training, and moving up. 

Choose A Position With On The Job Training

Look for companies/positions that provide on-the-job training (paid or unpaid). 

Customize Your Cover Letter And Resume

If you have limited/no experience, review job descriptions noting transferable skills and qualifications that you can utilize as keywords to customize your resume. Show how your skills are relevant to the position. Include all volunteer work, internships, past positions, education, and skills. 

Utilize A Portfolio

Show your initiative by creating a portfolio highlighting projects you have completed that demonstrate your capabilities, initiative, and passion.

Complete Certifications and/or Courses

Develop new skills by earning certifications and/or taking courses relevant to the positions you are interested in. Try local organizations, online programs, and community colleges. Include these accomplishments on your resume. 

Directly Approach Hiring Managers

Step outside the usual hiring pathways by contacting the hiring managers of businesses you are interested in working for. Express your interest in their company and your willingness to learn. Start a conversation by highlighting your unique skills, values, desires, and training.

Be Enthusiastic And Keep A Positive Attitude

Skills can be taught. Enthusiasm and/or a good attitude cannot. Show your enthusiasm to hiring managers and demonstrate your positive attitude. 

Remember Your Value

To get a job without experience, think of yourself as someone that a prospective employer would be lucky to have on their crew. This helps change your view of yourself, enables you to focus on your strengths, and affects how potential employers view you.

Ask for feedback

If you’re not receiving offers/interviews, ask for feedback regarding your application. Use feedback received to adjust your approach to interviews, applications, and resumes. 

Looking for work, though you have little experience and/or training? Want to overcome your lack of expertise? Desire to know how to get a job without experience? Contact Equations Staffing Solutions. We’ll help you find opportunities that suit your skills, experience, and talents.