Out-Of-Office Hiring Season: Tips For Job Seekers

A man is updating his resume as it's currently out of the hiring season.

Out-of-office hiring season refers to times when hiring slows down or becomes challenging (holidays, summertime, etc.). Delays occur due to HR scheduling conflicts and vacations. If you’re actively seeking work, the out-of-office hiring season can be discouraging. Searching for a job during this time is challenging! Persistence and patience are essential. Following are some tricks and tips to help you navigate this complicated time.   

Tips For Job Seekers During Out-Of-Office Hiring Season

If you’re seeking a position during the out-of-office hiring season, don’t despair! There are actions you can take that will improve your chances of finding the job you desire. 

  • Remain flexible: Due to difficulty scheduling interviews and delayed decision-making, it often takes longer to find a position during the out-of-office hiring season. Be flexible. Remain willing to accommodate and adjust to a hiring manager’s constraints. 
  • Be patient and positive: Make realistic goals and maintain pragmatic expectations. Accept that things are going to move slowly. Continue your job search, sustaining a positive attitude.
  • Increase your networking: Connect with potential employers and other professionals in the casual settings that holidays/summer provide (picnics, barbeques, holiday parties, happy hour, etc.). Build relationships. Collect contacts. 
  • Consider online job boards: Though hiring managers may not be available during the out-of-office hiring season, companies continue to post listings online. Utilize various job boards (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.). Create alerts to keep you up-to-date on positions you’re interested in.
  • Follow-up with previous opportunities: Send follow-up emails to companies you have submitted applications to. Ask for an update on the position. Communicate your interest and eagerness.  
  • Update your resume: Use this slow time to assess your resume. Add detail. Highlight achievements and reformat for readability.
  • Concentrate on skill building: Use industry publications, job postings and/or professional training to identify in-demand skills in your industry. Take advantage of in-person and online courses/workshops to acquire these skills. Volunteer in areas relevant to your goals. Seek mentors and ask for feedback and advice. Consider working with a career coach. 
  • Work with a recruitment firm: A staffing agency has a deep knowledge of employment opportunities and numerous business contacts. Their recruiters can help you find work, even during the out-of-office hiring season. 

Don’t let the out-of-office hiring season get you down! Keep these tips in mind as you search for a position. Stay motivated! Remain positive! 

How Equation Staffing Solutions Can Help

Equation Staffing Solutions recruiters are interested in your success! They’ll help you address the challenges of the out-of-office hiring season. They’ll assist you in refining your resume, provide interview tips, discuss benefits/salary, and direct you toward positions that are right for you, based on your skills and preferences. Their job search site is second to none. Contact EQ for assistance in finding your next job.