Building a Magnetic Employer Brand: Attracting Top Talent

A female CEO and her employees are discussing how to help their company craft and hone their employer's brand.

Many companies take the time and effort to improve and maintain a great consumer brand. This refers to how people view the company’s products and services. In an increasingly competitive job market, your company’s employer brand matters too. This is how you are viewed in the talent market. A strong employer brand and healthy company culture make your business attractive to potential employees.   

What is an Employer Brand?

An employer brand is the esteem your company has as an employer. It affects your potential to attract and retain high-quality talent. This image is determined by how your company markets itself to job seekers. Strengthening your employer brand involves communicating your business’s values, leadership, workplace culture, and uniqueness. Your brand defines the essence of your company. 

Why Do You Need A Strong Employer Brand?

There are numerous benefits to the development of a strong employer brand. 

  • Improves metrics and key performance indicators: A good employer brand improves KPIs such as cost per hire, time to fill, and employee retention.
  • Saves money: Improved cost per hire, time to fill, and employee retention save your business money. 
  • Attracts top talent: A strong employer brand attracts top talent in a competitive job market. 
  • Creates more satisfied employees: A strong employer brand results in happy employees who remain longer with your company. 

How to Improve Your Employer Brand

It’s wise to take a multifaceted approach to improving your employer brand. 

  • Augment your career site: Make your career site more than just a listing of available jobs. Use videos, slideshows, and photos to showcase company culture, engage candidates, share your business’s uniqueness, explain benefits and perks, highlight your mission/vision, illustrate possible career paths, and celebrate your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. 
  • Develop good job descriptions: As they are your first contact with potential candidates, use your job postings to share your business’s uniqueness, discuss projects associated with the role, and describe daily life in your company.
  • Build employee engagement: Encourage team members to explain their experience of working for the business via employer reviews, networking, and social media. 
  • Start a blog: Content on an employer blog is a great strategy for showcasing your company in a competitive talent market. Post culture updates, company news, and employee-generated articles. Highlight processes, policies, and programs illuminating your company’s commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being. 
  • Utilize social media: Use social media platforms to share ideas and information that appeal to potential candidates (company values, perks, benefits, employee testimonials, etc.). Encourage current employees to make their LinkedIn profiles professional, attention-worthy, and complimentary to the organization.
  • Examine compensation: Build competitive pay ranges and be prepared to explain how they are determined. Practice pay transparency and pay equity. 
  • Promote work-life balance: To promote work-life balance, allow flexibility regarding where and when employees work. Consider remote work, flex hours, part-time schedules, etc.
  • Encourage career growth: Offer skill development, leadership training, certification completion, and advancement opportunities to attract and retain high-quality talent. 
  • Consider employee wellbeing: Show you value employee wellbeing through good benefits packages, realistic goals, and paid time off. 
  • Build an inclusive, diverse workplace: Establish and commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, demonstrating your organization’s concern regarding a fair and supportive work environment and promoting feelings of safety and belonging. 
  • Improve the recruitment process: To build a talent pipeline for your company, create a positive candidate experience, starting with initial contact. Provide potential hires with open communication, timely feedback, an easy application process, and respect. 
  • Develop strong onboarding: Create a positive employer brand by engaging new employees and providing a smooth transition. Arm a new hire with the tools, training, and instructions needed to excel in their position.
  • Tell your company story: Utilize multiple channels (videos, slideshows, blogs, photos, employee interviews, written messages, etc.) to tell your company story on your About Us page. 
  • Be honest, genuine, and transparent: Be genuine. Encourage positive and negative feedback to assist you in improving your employer brand. Ensure all statements about your company values, happenings, and culture are honest and transparent. 

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