Effective recruitment is a priority for companies in their quest to stay ahead of the competition. Finding the perfect candidate for a position requires a strategy that is proactive and maintains a healthy pipeline of prospective employees. Rather than waiting for applicants to come to them, companies must direct their efforts toward strategically sourcing the best talent, continuously identifying the best candidates for future positions. Here is the best way to source top candidates!

What is a recruitment sourcing strategy?

A recruitment sourcing strategy is a program by which quality candidates (passive and active) are identified by an organization with a hiring need (present or future) or by the executive recruiters/search consultants who have been hired by that organization. A strategy is composed of multiple sourcing techniques that, when used in combination, maximize results. The goal is to make a great hire, with minimal time and money spent in the recruiting process. Which techniques are used depends upon the type of candidates needed, the preference(s) of the recruiters and the resources available.

Candidate Sourcing Strategies:

The talent acquisition process uses sourcing activities to continuously identify the best candidates for present/future positions. The following are some of the most common and successful techniques.

  • Utilizing a recruiting database: A recruiting database is a tool used for storing all information on jobs and candidates, matching applicants with jobs and streamlining the recruitment process. Information is stored in an organized manner and accessible to the recruiters on all devices.

  • Making use of social media: Social Media helps recruiters narrow their search and identify qualified candidates more quickly.

    • LinkedIn is a social network where professionals share their career history, advertise accomplishments and interact with industry experts and recruiters.

    • Indeed is one of the largest job boards in the world, hosting a database of over 90 million resumes.

    • Twitter offers various functions such as (Search, Chat, Lists) which help recruiters source candidates.
    • Slack is a group communication tool for companies and people with common professional interests.

    • Meetup is a website that facilitates meetings and groups for people with common interests.

  • Posting on online job boards: A job board is a website used by employers to advertise their job vacancies to job seekers in their area and profession. Some well-known job board are Indeed, Glassdoor, and Careerjet

  • Taking advantage of referrals: Employee referrals are known to reduce time-to-hire, improve quality of hire and increase retention rates. Consider a referral program that pays employees a bonus if they refer friends and/or colleagues who are actually hired.

  • Employing internal sourcing: Often the talent you are looking for is within your company. Internal sourcing is particularly successful when your company is expecting changes in their workforce and is working on succession planning.

  • Considering former candidates: After filling a position, you’re often left with several quality and interested applicants that you can draw on for future hires.

  • Joining a recruiting network: Recruiting networks offer a number of networking events to members, helping them make connections and placements.

  • Considering candidates without degrees: Certificates and degrees are only one means of judging a candidate’s qualifications. Look beyond resumes. Explore portfolios. Many companies employ exceptional talent that does not have traditional credentials.

  • Establishing a nurturing strategy: Source proactively. Save connections and build relationships with candidates over time. When a position becomes available, you’ll be ready to add quality candidates to the recruiting process.

Each organization will have a distinctive sourcing strategy that fills its unique needs. Determine what combination of strategies works best for your company and continue to improve them.

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