Job Search Tips

Finding a new job can be challenging and frustrating. The right credentials are not enough to ensure a successful job search. On top of this, there is an enormous amount of job hunting advice available, much of it contradictory! The following are some sound job search tips to help you finetune your strategy and find a job that is right for you. 


  • Set clear goals and make a plan: Consider your hopes, values and dreams. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Ponder the type(s) of work you enjoy and what you are looking for in a job. Then, set specific achievable goals for your job hunt (how many applications you’ll fill each day, how many resumes you’ll send out in total, how much time each day you’ll dedicate to the search, how many contacts you’ll reach out to weekly, etc). Write out a plan of how you’ll accomplish these goals. 
  • Be organized: Develop a spreadsheet to keep track of the jobs you've applied for, whether you have been interviewed and when/if you’ve heard back.
  • Contemplate your resume: Change your resume to demonstrate your qualifications based on the information provided to you in each job posting. Switch things up. Remove irrelevant information and add details that are pertinent. Make your resume achievement-oriented, including quantifiable achievements that are applicable to the job you're applying for. Your cover letter and resume should demonstrate your purpose and clarity of mind. 
  • Go online: Subscribe to websites and publications that carry job postings. Make and/or update your LinkedIn profile. Bookmark your favourite job search sites and organizations. Leverage the power of the internet to make your job search successful. 
  • Get involved: There are hidden opportunities in your community. Become an active member. Participate at events, volunteer and get involved. 
  • Develop stories that demonstrate your abilities and skills. Your goal is to have a set of anecdotes that you can use when networking, at meetings and/or at interviews. 
  • Prepare for interviews: Develop responses to common interview questions. Practice them. Try using a mock interviewing technique with a friend or contact.
  • Do your research: Read postings thoroughly, taking notes. If you’re interested in a position, check out the company’s website. Get a feel for the company culture. Investigate the kinds of questions they commonly ask in interviews. Do an internet search on the organization, sector and role for which you are applying. 
  • Utilize your network, people who know you and want to help you uncover job leads (past and present colleagues, past employers, past supervisors, friends, virtual acquaintances, clients/customers, professional associations, etc.). Ask for referrals. 
  • Be professional in your communications. Fill forms and submit resumes in the fashion requested. Make things convenient for your possible employer.  
  • Pay attention to your attitude: Show initiative, creativity and a positive attitude. Be respectful when being contacted and/or interviewed.
  • Remember to say thank you: An original and thoughtful thank you note or email, after an interview, demonstrates the kind of employee you’ll be.
  • Consider retraining: As jobs are not always open in the sector you’re interested in, consider upgrading or retraining while you hunt for work. 
  • Be timely: Don't wait for the deadline. Apply as soon as possible. 
  • Remain positive: A series of “no’s” can deflate and discourage you. Take time to look after yourself (exercise, meditate, watch a movie, see a friend). Create a support network of people who understand your situation. Ask for support and advice.
  • Enlist the help of an agency: Job placement agencies have the experience, understanding and skills to assist you in your job hunt. They have a vast network of opportunities at their fingertips. Take advantage of their services. 


If you’re proactive, keep a positive attitude and stick to your plan, you’ll (eventually) find a job that is right for you. Remain flexible. Consider volunteering and/or retraining. Seek the assistance of a reputable recruiting agency. Good luck with the job hunt!


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