The staffing and recruiting industry represents many sectors; information technology, engineering, administrative support, sales & business development, finance & accounting, human resources, professional/managerial services as well as healthcare and industrial services. Staffing agencies are engaged in permanent placement, temporary placement, executive search and co-employment staffing services. Some agencies also do training and upgrading as well as payroll and benefits administration. Canada’s staffing and recruiting industry represents about two million temporary workers or 13.6% of the country’s workforce and had a market size of 10.3 billion Canadian dollars in 2020. So why do so many companies use staffing agencies?

What is a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies manage the recruitment, screening, referencing, interviewing and skills verification of applicants and then refer suitable candidates to a business. An organization may use a staffing agency for temporary staffing; vacation relief, illness coverage, maternity leave, cyclical overtime situations and project-based work. Companies also use staffing agencies for contract-to-hire jobs (short-term positions with the opportunity to become full-time/permanent jobs at the end of the contract) and for filling open permanent positions (from entry-level to executives). Recruiters understand how important it is to find an employee that will fit into your organization. Some agencies will perform site visits prior to any placements in order to understand the work environment and ensure a successful placement.


Benefits of Staffing Agencies:

There are many reasons that companies employ the services of a staffing agency.

  • Reduces costs: Recruitment and training are costly. Using a staffing agency eliminates many of these expenses. An agency will determine the needs of the business, develop advertisements, manage job postings, handle all aspects of the hiring, onboarding, and HR process. Using an agency mitigates the risk of making a bad hire, causing disruption to your workforce, and the potential need for termination.

  • Saves time: Recruitment agencies have deep networks of passive candidates allowing them to source qualified people with speed. An agency saves a company the time of weeding through hundreds of resumes, checking references and taking calls from candidates, who may or may not be qualified. Your company is given the best three to four candidates to interview.

  • Specialized knowledge: Using an agency gives a company access to the recruiter’s insider knowledge of skilled available candidates (active and passive), salary ranges and local market trends.

  • Training: Many agencies provide training that strengthens existing abilities and develops new skills. This ensures that when an employee starts at your business they’re well prepared and have very little need for extra training.

  • Increased productivity: Agencies have pre-screened qualified workers ready and willing to work with little notice. This means that a skilled employee can be placed in your vacant position within a short time frame ensuring good productivity.

  • Flexibility: Whenever you need them, a staffing agency is there! They can help you fill in for maternity leave, provide additional help during a busy holiday season, cover emergency sick leave, fill in during vacations, or step in with added manpower during an unexpected project. They can quickly find candidates for managerial and executive positions. Agencies provide employees in a wide variety of disciplines to meet all of the needs of a business.

  • Try before you hire: Many agencies allow you to try an employee before taking on the liability of their employment. They work for the agency for a short period giving a company a chance to see if it’s a good match for both parties before hiring.


There are many benefits to using a staffing agency. High-quality recruiting in a timely and cost-saving manner, access to hiring experts and increased productivity are but a few. If your company wishes to simplify the hiring process, contact a reputable staffing agency.