Get Creative with Job Postings!

Job Postings

When your company posts a job listing, you’re competing with thousands of other possibilities. How can you make your posting stand out? Creativity is the answer. With a little extra effort and careful messaging, you can attract the best candidates. The following are some tips for making your job postings attractive and visible. 

  • Get personal: Speak directly to the applicant. It creates curiosity and interest, compelling them to apply for the position. 
  • Showcase your company culture: Let your brand voice shine, making clear what the company culture and values are all about. 
  • Be clear and specific: Clearly explain what it takes to succeed in the job, providing an explicit description of the role and what a candidate can expect. 
  • Explain compensation: Make it easy for candidates to understand the compensation associated with the role.
  • Be concise: Make the posting short and to the point, reducing the possibility of overwhelming candidates with information. 
  • Create visual appeal: Use visual aesthetics (video and/or images) that draw the reader in, creating interest and curiosity. This increases your chance of attracting the best recruits for your company.
  • Incorporate postings in your products: Consider a QR code on your receipt or packaging that gives instant access to available job postings. This lets customers, who are likely passionate about your brand, know that you’re hiring.
  • Utilize a monthly newsletter: Newsletters are an effective source of publicity and are easily shared. Include a section on available job opportunities with links to more details.
  • Try recruitment webinars: A great alternative to an in-person career fair, webinars are easy and inexpensive to create. Have a panel of your staff talk about their experiences with your company and answer questions. 
  • Focus on retention: Make your current employees a top priority. Invest in professional development. Provide attractive benefits, team bonding activities and a positive work environment. 
  • Showcase diversity and inclusion efforts: 76% of job seekers report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. Use inclusive language in your posting. Consider ways to showcase your diverse company culture and why diversity matters to your company.
  • Enable application from the job board: Rather than redirect applicants, allow them to easily apply on the job board. 
  • Consider application reminders: Place a reminder popup to capture a job seeker’s phone number and send a daily text to encourage them to return to the site and apply.
  • Boost employee referrals: Offer your present employees compensation/reward for referrals that you hire. 
  • Utilize College newspapers: Use student newspapers and websites to recruit new graduates. 
  • Consider offline advertising strategies such as monthly billboards that deliver a brief, strong call to action. 
  • Create an internal ambassador program: Incentivize your current employees to share your jobs on their personal social accounts.
  • Partner with a temp agency to help fill applicable roles. Give temporary workers a 90-day review period, and if they’re good, bring them on full time.

If your company is struggling to fill positions with quality candidates, utilize creative job postings to attract applicants. Think outside the box and explore ways to attract talent. Ramp up your recruitment efforts in imaginative ways.

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