Direct Hiring through an Agency

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A staffing agency (also known as a search, recruit or employment agency) matches employers and employees. It connects job seekers with employers and employers with candidates. Job seekers receive the benefit of a large pool of possible jobs while the employer is provided with a pool of pre-screened, pre-interviewed job seekers who are ready to start work. The staffing industry plays a crucial role in the success of all sizes of companies, from the largest organizations to small and midsize businesses.

What is direct hiring through an agency?

Direct hiring, also known as direct placement hiring, is a service offered by staffing agencies to companies that are looking for comprehensive assistance in recruiting a full-time employee. The company opts to hire for the position using the expertise and extensive resources of a reputable agency rather than using internal human resources, saving time, money and resources. Instead of the potential employer reading a mountain of resumes, the agency screens the applicants, finding the best candidates to present to the employer. The agency handles the recruitment process; curating job ads and placement, sourcing, screening, interviewing, scheduling, following-up, negotiating and more. They ensure they find the ideal match between employee and business. When the job offer is made, the candidate becomes a permanent employee of the hiring company and goes on payroll and benefits immediately.  


The benefits of direct hire through a recruitment agency:


  • Saves time: Drafting and placing ads, reading resumes, pre-screening, scheduling interviews, following up with candidates and negotiating all take time! With direct hiring, a staffing agency completes these tasks, leaving company managers with time to focus on important tasks for their business.
  • Save money: Turnover is costly! An experienced recruitment agency identifies red flags and culture mismatches, increasing the likelihood of a long-term hire. Some agencies even have replacement guarantees. If the client is not satisfied with the hire and/or the candidate is not a good fit, the agency finds a replacement employee, at no charge. Some placement agencies receive pay only if they find a candidate. 
  • Recruit for hard-to-fill positions: Some positions are hard to fill as the most qualified candidates are already employed and not actively job-seeking. Dedicated recruiters have large personal and professional networks and expansive databases that assist in identifying these passive job seekers for your company. Agencies offer the resources, tools, and expertise needed to connect with niche candidates on your behalf.
  • Attract top talent: Employment agencies have extensive knowledge and expert strategies that enable them to attract top talent. They identify strong candidates,  determine corporate culture matches and pinpoint motivators, increasing the quality of the candidates presented to your business. They attract even the toughest to impress job candidates! An agency’s expert interview and screening practices ensure the best fit for the position. 

How does the direct hire process work?

There are a number of steps involved in the direct hire process.

  1. Consulting: The agency gets to know your organization and your hiring needs, setting parameters for the job description and the ideal candidate.
  2. Advertising: The agency generates advertisements and strategizes budgets and job board placements, ensuring visibility.
  3. Sourcing: Recruiters access extensive networks to search for and find active and passive job seekers, ensuring a broad pool from which to choose a candidate.
  4. Reviewing: The recruiter analyzes resumes, identifies skill and experience matches and narrows down the talent pool.
  5. Screening: Experienced recruiters identify top candidates to present to your company via screening.
  6. Presenting: The agency provides your organization with resumes, personalized insights and recommendations on how each chosen candidate would fit in the position.
  7. Negotiating: Once top candidates are identified and interviewed, a recruiting agency assists in making an offer and negotiating, facilitating the process and communicating with the potential employee.
  8. Follow-up: Recruiters maintain contact with you and the candidate even after the offer of employment is made to ensure a harmonious fit.
  9. Contingency: If none of the suggested candidates is a good fit, the agency continues to find and present applicants until the position is successfully filled. 

Conducting the hiring process in-house can cost your company time and money, taking your focus from the day-to-day needs of your business. Making use of a staffing agency’s direct hire services allows you to find the perfect fit for your position. The agency provides your organization with valuable insight, advice and recommendations. They curate job ads and ad placement, source, screen, schedule interviews, follow up and negotiate to ensure they find the ideal match for your organization.

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