Job Search
  • Identify your doubts: Pinpoint what your feelings of self-doubt are attached to; your skillset, career choice, level of education, goals, comparison to others. For each doubt you identify, take a hard look to decide if there is truth to it. If there is, develop a plan to address it. The beliefs you cling to or drop have an impact on the employment opportunities you pursue.
  • Relearn to talk to yourself: Negative beliefs/feelings about self are part of the problem. It’s vital to learn to have a kinder, more positive internal conversation. Try imagining that you’re speaking to someone you love. Speak to yourself the same way. Be encouraging. Put things in perspective. Be kind to yourself.
  • Remind yourself of past accomplishments:  One of the best ways to overcome self-doubt is to take a moment to remember your past accomplishments; times you felt proud of your work, compliments received regarding your skills/abilities, situations in which you demonstrated endurance/perseverance. Remind yourself that there will be more accomplishments. Note how far you’ve come in your job search; the number of positions applied for, the interviews undertaken, what you have learned from these interviews.
  • Accept your strengths and weaknesses: Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, trying to be as objective as possible. This will give you a more balanced view and help you approach your job search realistically.
  • Build a support system: When you’re in a place of self-doubt, it’s good to have friends/family to remind you of who you are. Is no one close by? Join an online community that offers support and social networking for job seekers. It’ll remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles and insecurities.
  • Talk to a neutral person: Self-esteem is subjective and often distorted. Our inner critic is seldom “spot on!” Seek objectivity by talking to a professional. They can help you pinpoint the differences between your interpretation and the actual facts of the situation. Try a skills assessment or a career review to help you get a truer view of yourself. Consider a career coach or professional mentor for support in taking stock of your assets and strengths. Meet with recruiters. They’ll have useful feedback on your profile and provide you with tools for your job search.
  • Let go of external expectations: It doesn’t matter what your parents, friends, family members, past coworkers, past employers/supervisors want for your life. Let go of the weight of others’ assumptions. When it comes to your career, you’re the only voice that sets expectations.
  • Get organized: Being organized reduces feelings of being overwhelmed. Make a list of job postings you intend to apply for, interview questions you’d like to ask, people in your network you plan to contact. Research the positions you want and the career path you’re drawn to. Small manageable tasks make the process less daunting and give a feeling of control.
  • Take action: Action boosts self-esteem, helping raise awareness of your ability to change your situation. Take small regular steps. Complete applications. Revamp your CV, LinkedIn profile and portfolio. Make contact with professionals in your sector and reconnect with former colleagues, classmates and others in your network. Make unsolicited applications to companies and/or organizations you’d love to work with.
  • Create a plan for rejection that includes learning from the experience, practicing self-compassion and focusing on the next steps. Follow up with the organization that turned you down asking for feedback. Review and reflect on the experience and let this inform your plan.
  • Take time for yourself: To avoid exhaustion, burnout, fear and anxiety practice good self-care. Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep. Maintain activities that make you feel positive and centred. Go for a run. Play a sport. Be creative. Involve yourself in social activities. Volunteer. Remind yourself of your value as a human being.
  • Reassess your goals: Ask yourself if you are on the right career path. Consider what you feel passionate about. Contemplate alternatives.

If your job search is taking longer than you expected and you’re feeling discouraged by the lack of offers or the feedback you’re receiving, you’re not alone! Keep in touch with others, take care of yourself and pay attention to your feelings. The path to a new job is not always smooth. Remind yourself that you have the inner resources to overcome obstacles that you encounter. Be prepared, organized, patient, and positive. Consider using the services of a recruitment agency. They provide support and feedback that can turn the tide and help you find the perfect position.

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