How to Find Your Next Job

How to Find Your Next Job - Equation Staffing Solutions - Staffing Agency

Are you tired of your work? Lost your position? Ready for a change? No matter the reason you are searching, there are some job-hunting strategies that can help you find the position you desire. The following are some steps you can take to help you find your next job. 

  • Update and tailor your resume: Develop a career objective (a 2 to 4-sentence pitch) that highlights what makes you unique; summarizes your skills/training/education, years of experience and purpose for applying. Focus on your professional, personal, and academic achievements. Place this missive at the top of your resume. Tailor your resume and cover letter for each job applied for, making it possible for the hiring manager to quickly see that you are qualified for the position.
  • Network: Put your networking efforts into overdrive. Seek out industry events where hiring managers can be found. Attend events hosted by charities and professional organizations. Join relevant groups in your industry. Show that you are a knowledgeable, well-rounded person that is worth watching.
  • Attend job fairs: Bring copies of your resume and your business cards. Investigate companies that interest you. Use conversations with recruiters as brief interviews, sharing your career goals, skills, experience and education.
  • Take advantage of referral opportunities: Friends, relatives, fellow alumni, past employers, coworkers, clients/customers, and professional associations are all possible sources of referrals. Use them.
  • Utilize LinkedIn: Managers and recruiters use this site to search for and vet job candidates. Keep your profile up to date. Connect to human resource departments, managers and other key people in your industry. Ask for recommendations from people who know you well.
  • Check job boards: Review the best job search engine sites, job boards, company websites, networking sites, niche job sites, and sites listed by type of job. Find the top choices for your industry and skill set and post your resume on them. Update weekly.
  • Try job search apps that connect job seekers with available positions. The application process can be done with your phone or tablet. Use keywords that match your interests, the type of job you’re looking for and the location where you want to work. Try Indeed Job Search, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and/or SnagAJob. 
  • Contact hiring managers: Is there a company for whom you’d love to work? Reach out directly to the hiring manager. This shows your interest and gives you an advantage over other candidates.
  • Seek out government offices: Government employment offices provide assistance with job hunting and many offer training programs.
  • Use the services of headhunters/work with a recruiter: Many organizations hire through recruitment agencies. These services are aware of positions that are not advertised, actively recruit individuals to fill specific vacancies and have experience finding placements. Make use of their expertise. 

Even when the job market is competitive, it’s possible to find a great position. Use these job searching strategies to help identify the places to look for work and to capture the attention of those hiring. 

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