Who’s Hiring During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world economy. Many businesses have closed and millions of Canadians have had their hours reduced, been temporarily laid off or lost their jobs. However, if you’re looking for work, there are some skills in demand right now and some job opportunities. There are industries and sectors that are hiring that may be a more stable choice in the future. Consider the following jobs/positions:

  • Transport truck drivers: Some retailers are experiencing a sudden increase in sales and are struggling to keep inventory flowing. Workers with a commercial driver’s license are in demand.

  • Delivery Services are transporting online and phone orders more now than ever before. The increased delivery needs of grocery chains, restaurants, liquor stores and online businesses have created new positions. 

  • Retail clerks and cashiers: To ensure that all Canadians have access to essential supplies grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, bulk stores, discount stores and other essential retailers are hiring clerks, cashiers, shelf stockers and delivery staff.

  • Private childcare workers: With the closure of some daycares and the reduction of numbers in others, many working parents are hiring private childcare workers.

  • Developers/IT consultants: People are spending more time online than ever before. Mobile apps, enterprise software, video conferencing, websites, online ordering systems and other IT systems are experiencing high volumes. Developers keep digital platforms running smoothly, help businesses ramp up their e-commerce capabilities, debug, troubleshoot and build tools to help transition workers to remote working conditions. Talented developers in all specialties are needed. 

  • Nurses and healthcare workers: Many COVID-19 patients require weeks or even months of long term care. Hospitals, clinics, long-term care homes and other healthcare facilities are experiencing a shortage of nurses and auxiliary nurses to fulfill this need.

  • Janitors/cleaners: There are new health and safety guidelines that businesses must follow to keep workers and customers safe. Frequent cleaning/sanitizing is needed. Many workplaces are increasing their cleaning staff so they can meet government recommendations.

  • Human resources departments of business experiencing an increase in sales/usage are responsible for recruiting and onboarding new employees to meet the demand, supporting employees, assisting with health and safety training and dealing with employee complaints. Human resources departments of businesses experiencing a decrease in sales/usage are responsible for communicating layoffs and ensuring proper paperwork for the application for government benefits. Both are busy and in demand.

  • Labourers: Manufacturers across Canada are ramping up production to respond to shortages. Their increasing output requires more labourers (assemblers, line workers, and quality control staff).

  • Warehouse workers are working around the clock to ensure inventory is moving and reaching stores and customers. Workers are needed to process orders and ensure they reach customers quickly. Inventory control specialists are also in demand. 

  • Manufacturing engineers: Some manufacturers are retooling their facilities to produce needed products (hand sanitizer, ventilators, PPE). Manufacturing engineers are needed for these transitions.

  • Digital marketers: Companies are pivoting to online channels to find customers and sources of revenue. Savvy digital marketers are needed to recommend and execute strategies.

  • Accountants/financial professionals: With so much financial uncertainty in the global market, Canadians are turning to accountants/financial professionals to help them secure their financial future, protect their savings and access financial support (mortgage deferrals, protecting RRSPs and TSFAs, tax filing, general guidance). Companies are using accountants/financial professionals to help find ways to cut costs, balance books and remain open through the pandemic.

  • Remote meeting and communication companies (Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams) have seen a surge in usage and are hiring.

The job market may seem bleak but there are still sectors that are hiring. Think broadly. If you are willing to learn something new, there may be a position for you. Dust off your resume and take advantage of whatever is available. You can look for a better fit in the future. 

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