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Joanne Hastie - Senior Recruitment Specialist

Joanne Hastie

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Joanne has a passion for talent acquisition, matching the recruitment needs of her clients with the top talent in the market. Combining her trusted advisor approach with her customer centric attitude, Joanne excels in providing human resource solutions. Her background in assessment and human services has honed her ability to ask the right questions, to listen effectively and to share her insights as she collaborates with her clients on their specific recruitment needs. In her down time Joanne can be found leading career building workshops, cheering on one of her children at the local soccer pitch or enjoying a glass of wine (or 2) with friends.

“Not all resumes are created equal. Sometimes information that is not included on a resume is just as important as what is included. Knowing what to look for and how it might be presented through a resume is key to understanding a candidate’s strengths.”