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Jessica Gavel - Senior Recruitment Specialist

Jessica Gavel

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Jessica has been in the recruitment industry for 5+ years and the customer service industry for over twenty. Prior to recruitment she worked within management and operations in the hospitality industry. Jessica is focused on building strong relationships with candidates and clients and recognizes that finding the right fit is the key to a successful placement. When she is not working at Equation Jessica enjoys time with her family, zenning out in a hot yoga studio, hiking in the mountains with her Nikon in hand.​

“As an employee we spend more time at work than at home. Prepare and do not be afraid to ask the questions that are important to you. Learning about the team and culture of a potential employer will ensure that you find the right environment for you to succeed in.”

“As the potential employer think about your value proposition, what does your company offer that is unique? How would you describe the environment they will be working in? What are the characteristics that fit best into your organization/team and will ensure their success?”