New Year, New Hires: Starting 2024 with the Right Team

New year new hires

The New Year is a singular point in time in which we take the opportunity to make things right, to dare to achieve what we hope and dream. It’s a time when people get honest about their situation and make personal resolutions aimed at change. Why not utilize this opportunity to bring positive change to your company? Why not make New Year’s resolutions for your business? One of the most important commitments you can make for your firm this New Year is the building and maintenance of a robust team. 

Reasons to Start 2024 With the Right Team

A proficient team successfully and efficiently works toward your company’s goals. Team members share ideas and knowledge, accommodate strengths and weaknesses, and innovate, achieving growth and success. Good teamwork:

  • Brings diverse feedback/perspectives together
  • Promotes learning from others
  • Improves productivity
  • Promotes collaboration, respect, and active listening
  • Cultivates communication
  • Focuses efforts on a common goal
  • Improves company culture 
  • Increases engagement
  • Facilitates creativity
  • Boosts morale and motivation
  • Relieves stress
  • Encourages appropriate risk-taking
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Expands accomplishments beyond individual achievement
  • Promotes unity in the company
  • Develops trust
  • Fulfills the desire for belonging
  • Propels a business forward


To create the right team for your business, you must develop strategies to attract top talent and create an environment conducive to growth and success. 

Strategies to Attract Top Talent to Your Team

In today’s competitive market, it’s a challenge to attract and retain top talent. The following are strategies and tips for building a robust team composed of competent employees who can achieve your company goals and grow your business. 

    • Create a value proposition clearly defining what your company stands for, what you offer, and why top talent should choose you. Describe your company’s purpose, culture, benefits, vision, values, goals, needs, and strengths. Explain your expectations and preferences. 
  • Compose clear job descriptions: Include skills, expectations, tasks, and role requirements. Communicate the essence of your company culture. Itemize the benefits package and provide information regarding salary. Use bullet points and headings and incorporate a call to action. 
  • Develop a recruitment plan: Utilize job boards, websites, social media platforms, industry events, professional networks, and employee referrals that align with your company’s requirements and goals. Use recruitment software and/or applicant tracking systems to manage your talent pipeline. 
  • Undertake comprehensive, standardized interviews that are consistent and uniform, enabling you to compare and contrast applicant results and improving hiring quality, fairness, and efficiency.  
  • Create a comprehensive onboarding process: 63% of Canadian businesses relate decreased employee retention. Reduce high turnover rates by creating a strategic onboarding process, incorporating task-oriented, flexible, ongoing training. 
  • Offer competitive benefits and compensation that meet or exceed current market standards. Research industry rates based on location, experience, and role. Clearly communicate the impact and value of your benefits and compensation. Review employee wages once a year for performance and inflation-based raises. 
  • Create a positive applicant experience: Be responsive, transparent, respectful, and consistent throughout the hiring process. Show enthusiasm and appreciation. Ask for feedback to help you continually improve. 
  • Seek professional help: Hire a reputable recruitment agency to assist in finding, hiring, and onboarding top talent. Choose an agency that provides comprehensive pre and post-employment services

Ways to Create an Environment of Growth and Success For Your Team

Once you discover and hire top talent, the challenge is to retain these valued employees. The following are ways to accomplish this goal:

  • Elicit employee career goals and develop a plan to assist in achieving them. Occasionally check in to evaluate progress and offer assistance. 
  • Offer ongoing training, in-person or online, to assist in building skills and knowledge. 
  • Consider a mentorship program to pair less experienced workers with experienced mentors, who can guide career development.
  • Foster an engaging, supportive environment to help all employees feel respected, valued, supported, and empowered. Provide clear goals/expectations, meaningful work, recognition, feedback, autonomy, mentoring, and collaborative/cooperative opportunities. Encourage creativity and innovation. 
  • Recognize employees: Consider a recognition program that celebrates milestones and achievements. Offer words of thanks, send gift cards, provide social recognition, and try an incentive program. 
  • Foster inclusion and belonging: Ensure all employees feel welcomed, included, known, connected, and supported. Consider community-building initiatives and employee resource groups.
  • Monitor engagement and burnout: Encourage feedback and open communication. Relieve overburdened workers and provide resources to those working on intensive projects. 
  • Prioritize company culture: Keep company culture in mind throughout recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. Employees who align with your culture have a positive impact on your company, are engaged, and are happy in their work. 

Making New Year’s resolutions is an optimistic, hopeful activity that motivates action. It promotes improvement and engagement. Consider making New Year’s resolutions for your company, committing your business to the development and maintenance of a robust team. 

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