Managing Digital Interviews

A digital interview is set up online by an employer and sent to candidates. Employers select questions from a question library or an interview guide and ask candidates to record their answers. Applicants are given a minute or two to think and then a few minutes to answer. Companies generally give a time frame (two days to a week) for completion and sometimes the opportunity to record a response more than one time. Employers watch and re-watch applicants’ answers at their convenience. Digital interviews are increasingly common, especially for first-round or screening interviews.

Advantages for applicants:

  • Makes hiring fundamentally fairer since all candidates answer the same questions.

  • Makes it tougher for biased questions to creep in.

  • Gives a candidate the chance to expand on the skills and experience on their resume.

  • Offers everyone the chance to interview, regardless of schedule or distance.

  • Gives all applicants a shot even if on paper they weren’t a front-runner.

Disadvantages for applicants: 

  • Loss of the opportunity to ask questions and have them immediately answered, limiting the ability to collect information about the employer. 

  • A high-stress circumstance in which the candidate must use new technology. 

Tips for undertaking a digital interview:

  • Do your research: Look up common interview questions based on the type of company and industry. Learn the company’s vision and ambition for growth and personal development. View the company’s Facebook page and website. Look on LinkedIn for connections who work where you’re applying and reach out. Check out employee review sites for candid thoughts about a company’s strengths and pitfalls. Familiarize yourself with blog posts written on the company blog.

  • Learn about the company’s products/services to help you prepare to respond to job-specific questions. Read the website’s product or service page(s). Visit review sites to discover what customers and employees have to say about the company’s product/service. Find out about the most recent developments or innovations happening inside the company. Discover what makes the company better/different than its competitors. Become familiar with their competition.

  • Practice by rehearsing answers to common interview questions, keeping to the time restrictions the interview contains and creating answers that will impress the hiring manager(s). Record yourself. Evaluate your answers and get comfortable in front of the camera. Have stories prepared and ready to share regarding how you handle obstacles and/or failure. Practice until it feels natural. 

  • Dress appropriately, matching your apparel to the dress code of the company interviewing. Err on the side of being more professional than required. Dress affects how those evaluating you perceive your level of confidence, success, and financial status. 75% of hiring managers believe the top interview mistake millennials make is wearing inappropriate attire. Avoid distracting prints, overly bright colours, and noisy jewelry. You want the focus to be on you, not on what you’re wearing. 

  • Check your demeanour: Sit up straight, leaning slightly forward. Look directly at the camera rather than at your computer screen. Smile and show your personality.

  • Choose a good location; one that is clean, quiet, and well lit. A lamp located slightly above your face and behind the camera is the most flattering. Keep the background simple. Don’t do the interview in a coffee shop or a messy bedroom. 

  • Read the instructions carefully and more than once to ensure you can follow the rules, demonstrating your ability to work methodically and thoroughly. 

  • Meet the employer’s deadline: Employers set a due date on the digital interview. Know the date and make a good impression by submitting before the deadline. 

  • Give specific examples: To help a hiring manager understand your experience, be specific about your skills and your ability to handle tasks.

  • Keep answers short and on topic: Focused answers will help you meet the time limits for responding. Make your answers concise, getting to the point quickly and effectively.

  • Answer with enthusiasm: Speak passionately to show your interest. Fluctuate your voice tone. Smile at appropriate junctures. Highlight simple emotions to keep the viewers interested and listening. Talk with your hands.

  • Ensure your technology is working: Have the appropriate equipment to host the digital app the interviewer is using. Test the connection to be sure it works. Test your microphone and camera. Plug into a power source to avoid your battery dying during the interview.

Think of a digital interview as a chance to show your skills, elaborate on your resume and prove your potential. Present your best self by researching the company, providing clear answers, dressing appropriately, and supplying interesting personal stories. Demonstrate that you are a great fit for the position!

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