Leap into Success: Making the Most of Leap Year Opportunities

Leap Year Opportunities

Every fourth year, February has 29 days. This extra day keeps our calendar in sync with the solar year, the time it takes the Earth to orbit the sun. A year that contains this 366th day is called a leap year. It’s fun to ponder what to do with this extra twenty-four-hour period. How can your business make the most of this unique opportunity? Are there ways to use this bonus day to enhance your company? 

Ways to Leap Into Success

There are many ways you can utilize February 29th to improve your company. Some are even fun!

  • Team Building is a process that helps a group of people work effectively together. Events, activities, and/or games promote cooperation and increase motivation. These activities assist diverse teams in reducing conflict and increasing collaboration, helping them reach business goals. Effective team-building strategies help a team benefit from each member’s strengths. Why not use February 29th to leap forward by spending time undertaking team-building activities? Consider a scavenger hunt, attending an escape room, playing laser tag, undertaking community service, going to a comedy club, trying a karaoke night, or having a chili cook-off. Whatever activity you choose, ensure that it is inclusive, requires cooperation, and promotes socializing. 
  • Strategic planning: A strategic plan evaluates a business’s environment (externally and internally), establishes goals and targets, and determines strategies to assist in achieving the company’s vision. Strategic planning determines where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. It involves long-range planning, strategic thinking,  and operational planning. February 29th offers the gift of extra time. Why not use it to begin or further your strategic planning?
  • Special projects are distinct from a company’s daily routine and are used to promote the improvement and advancement of business systems and/or processes. They decrease turnover, improve productivity, and boost revenue by allowing employees to learn new skills and use existing skills in new ways. These projects boost morale and give workers a chance to have a meaningful impact. Many companies experience difficulty finding the time for special projects without burdening their employees with excess duties. Why not utilize February 29th to launch a special project? Consider implementing new software, starting a new marketing program, launching a new unit, researching a new product or market, reassessing customer needs, redeploying human resources, and/or revamping information systems. 

Other Creative Activities for February 29th

Besides team building, strategic planning, and special projects, there are infinite ways to use the unique opportunity that leap year presents. 

  • Take the day to catch up on tasks that have been deferred. Deep clean your space, organize the books, or prepare for tax time. 
  • Set up an appointment with someone you’ve been meaning to see for a long time. 
  • Offer a promotion for your best clients/customers.
  • Build a social media campaign that takes advantage of the leap year theme!
  • Make February 29th the birthday of new ideas, services, and/or products.
  • Invite your loyal clients/customers to an exclusive event. Share samples and book services.
  • Launch a new email marketing campaign.
  • Ask clients to share their best leap-year stories.
  • Have a team contest with the winner getting an extra day off.
  • Reach out to old customers/leads, using Leap Day as a reason to get back in touch.
  • Send out a customer survey and/or request reviews. 
  • Provide 29 tips for your clients/customers. 
  • Showcase your latest work using a window display.


Don’t let Leap Day pass unnoticed. Use February 29th to make a splash, propelling your team and business forward. Be creative! Have fun! After all, it will be four years before you once again get the opportunity of an extra day. 

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