How to Find a Job Through Recruitment Agencies

how to find a job through recruitment agencies

Looking for a new position? Are you finding it hard to muster up the energy for a job hunt? Not sure where to look for work opportunities? Need help with a less-than-stellar resume? Locating and securing the perfect position is a complex and time-consuming task. A recruitment agency can simplify the procedure and help you get results. Let’s talk about how to find a job through recruitment agencies.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency, also called a staffing agency or recruiting firm, is an organization that matches job candidates and companies. A recruitment agency oversees the recruitment of candidates (referencing, screening, skills verification, interviewing) and then refers suitable applicants to a business. Agencies work for job seekers and businesses, matching applicants with the appropriate experience and skills for the position(s) available. Recruiting firms place candidates in long-term and short-term positions, enable contracts to hire and temporary contracts, and may provide direct hire and executive search services. Agencies may be experts in particular sectors/industries or for specific pay levels. 

Benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job

You have hunted for and found work before, so why use a recruitment agency to find a job? There are many valid reasons to use a recruitment agency.

  • No cost: Recruitment agencies are paid by companies seeking employees. Their services are free to job seekers. 
  • Search for you: Agencies take the “search” out of job searching. After identifying your skills, talents, goals, work style, and experience, they hunt for positions that suit you. They have access to a large pool of employment opportunities. 
  • Variety: Agencies know of a variety of positions; short-term, long-term, temporary, permanent, temp-to-hire, and remote roles. 
  • Feedback: Agencies give feedback during the application and job-hunting process. They provide resume writing tips (how to craft an honest, compelling, customized resume) and advice regarding successful interview skills (flagging career highlights, skills to mention, preparing for hard questions, deciding how to dress, etc.). They offer professional development guidance and career tips.
  • Jobs not listed elsewhere: Many businesses only advertise positions through an agency. This means recruiters have access to vacancies that are not advertised anywhere else. 
  • Skill development: An agency can assist you in identifying and developing the skills needed for the positions you’re pursuing.
  • Motivation: Many recruitment agencies receive pay only when they fill a position. This means they’re highly motivated to find jobs for applicants.  
  • Save time and energy: Scanning job boards, tweaking your resume, and filling applications takes energy and time. Looking for a new position is particularly difficult when you’re still working. Partnering with an agency gives you quick and easy contact with a variety of employers who are seeking applicants with your skills and experience.   
  • Negotiating assistance: Recruiters are practiced at talking about money and negotiating benefits. They have access to current salary data and know the standard perks and benefits of your industry. They bring acumen and insight to the negotiation of compensation. 
  • Advocate: Recruiting agencies act as your advocate, communicating with HR/hiring managers so that your name stands out in the pool of candidates. They highlight your skills and talents and confirm your soft skills. 

How to find a job through recruitment agencies?

The following are the steps to finding a job through a recruitment agency.

Choose an agency

Shop around and find an agency that suits your needs, one that has knowledge of your sector/industry. 

Submit your resume

Craft your best resume. Include personal information, objectives, education, work experience, awards/honours, activities/hobbies, skills (hard and soft), and references.

Interview with the agency

Meet with a recruiter, treating this session as you would a job interview. Dress well, prepare to answer a variety of questions, and act professionally. Ask questions and build a relationship with the recruiter. 

Interview with employers

When the agency finds roles that are right for you, prepare for and undertake interviews with potential employers. Practice common and tough questions that may be asked. Research the companies, paying attention to their goals, values, and performance. 


Now comes the hardest part! Wait for the agency to contact you with the results of your interview(s). 

Seek feedback

During the resume writing, applying, and interviewing, seek feedback from the agency to help you develop skills and strengths, to help you learn. 


Whether you’re reentering the workforce after a layoff,  starting your career, or ready to move on to a new/more challenging position, a wise job hunt requires hard work and strategy. Networking, research, and a well-crafted resume/cover letter are all useful. Don’t overlook the advantages of partnering with a recruitment agency. They can ease and speed up the process, helping find a position that is right for you.

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