Establishing Successful Company Culture

Company culture consists of the physical environment, values, expectations, goals, behaviours, attitudes and traditions of a company. It’s the personality of an organization. To establish a successful company culture, your firm needs to create:

A clear mission statement is a foundational element of company culture informing each decision employees make and guiding how they behave and communicate. A corporation with a focus on shared purpose inspires high levels of confidence, encourages employee engagement, boosts growth, fuels investment, and stimulates innovation. Creating a clear mission statement is the first step in establishing a successful company culture.

Strong core values are a set of guidelines for behaviours and attitudes. They help to achieve a company’s mission by affecting decision making, communication and methods of execution. Clearly communicating your core values to all employees is another important step in creating a successful company culture.

Consistent daily practices reinforce an organization’s core values helping them become a part of the daily life of the company. How your firm engages workers, rewards efforts, seeks clarity, creates cohesiveness and focuses effort each day will determine whether or not your company culture will be successful.

Good communication is a critical element of a successful company culture. Make it clear, concise and courteous. Allow messages to be heard and processed in an atmosphere of safety and respect. Good communication creates a culture in which feedback is given and received safely, clearly, sensitively and productively.

A sense of community is achieved by getting to know colleagues in and out of the office. Annual traditions (BBQ, family day, Christmas party), celebrating personal occasions (baby showers, weddings, educational milestones, birthdays), extra assistance offered in troubled times (injury, sickness, family deaths), and routine events (annual meetings, employee retreat, guest speakers) all help to build community and contribute to successful company culture.

Commitment to learning and development informs your employees that you are interested in their professional growth. Providing opportunities to enhance abilities and improve knowledge helps staff members feel they are progressing as professionals, contributing to satisfaction and the creation of a successful company culture.

A team mentality is crucial to a successful company culture. The team approach promotes collaboration, focuses on team accomplishments and is the most efficient way to get things done.

A sense of history helps staff feel a part of something special and unique. Crafting your history into a narrative is a core element of creating a successful company culture. Share company stories that illuminate the road that led to current culture and strategies.

Stringent recruiting policies involve hiring people who share your core values or are willing to embrace them. If employees “fit” with the culture, they will be productive, happy and fully engaged. Involving current employees in the interview process can help with cultural alignment and result in lower turnover.

Establishing a strong company culture takes time and effort. The payoff is employees who are productive because they enjoy their work. A successful company culture attracts better talent and retains that talent.

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